saturday july 6th

  • DAY : saturday july 6th
  • HEURE : 2p.m.
  • PUBLIC : For all
  • LANGUE : français
  • TARIF : 5 to $20

Come meet our bees !

It's time to become a beekeeper for a day during the opening of a real buzzing hive! Your beekeeper will accompany the participants in the discovery of the necessary tools in beekeeping and the workings of the hive. The beekeeper will guide you in this memorable activity that will certainly wonder everyone.

Participants will be able to touch, smell and taste the various hive products (wax, pollen, honey and propolis), see the workers at work and, with a bit of luck, meet the one and only, Her Majesty, the Queen!

When booking your tickets, choose the time of the From the Cellar to the Attic guided tour you wish to take.

The guided tour of the gardens and the animation are included in your ticket. You can enjoy it before or after your visit to the House and the workshop.

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