Sunday, August 11th

  • DAY : Sunday, August 11th
  • HEURE : 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • PUBLIC : Family
  • LANGUE : français, anglais
  • TARIF : included with admission

An enriching day of discovery without screens!

How did children in New France spend their time? Come and find out by participating in this day of fun activities. Your children will learn how kids amused themselves in the 17th century, without Wi-Fi or electricity!

Upon your arrival, your children will be given an explorer’s passport that they will need to fill in. Through a series of friendly challenges, our guides dressed in period costumes invite them to try a variety of different games. They will laugh, play and then fill in their passport after each game in order to receive a small surprise.

Also included in the admission price: 

to the animation

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George Cloutier

Francis Désilets

Historian, storyteller and musician


Éric Michaud

Conteur, animateur gourmet et roi des menteurs